Our Approach

StepMedia Software is a technology partner for enterprises that plan to build modern and sustainable software products for fintech and ecommerce.

Our team’s technical experience with domain knowledge enable sophisticated end-to-end digital solutions development from initial concept validation to live product launch and ongoing support. This is accomplished due to our strong in-house software engineering team that is backed up by key partnerships with experienced designers and subject matter experts.

We are firm believers in Agile methodology to delivering software quickly and doing biweekly demos to our customers. We work closely with our customers to ensure that the most important priorities are tackled first.

Company is led by software outsourcing veteran, Tom Peng, who has over 22 years in the software developed industry with the last 9 years operating in Vietnam helping companies including Absolute Software with over $100M and $3B annual revenue build sophisticated and high quality software quickly.

We Specialise in

Case Studies

Ecommerce marketplace

GoSELL is the the only online/offline ecommerce solution in Vietenam that gives sellers powerful all-in-one system that provides ecommerce web site, mobile apps, point of sale, call center, and CRM.

GoMUA is the newest ecommerce marketplace in Vietnam that enables selling features for sellers including in-livestream purchase.

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Our Principles

1.Customer satisfaction is the #1 priority at all times.
2.Welcome changes throughout the project, and support a flexible project design and timeline.
3.Deliver final, functioning software as early as possible, and deliver functioning prototypes at key stages during development.
4.Encourage open communication between business and technical staff on a daily basis.
5.Assign motivated, qualified individuals to the project team, and equip them with the environment and tools that are necessary for success.
6.Recognize the benefit of face-to-face communication, and use it on a daily basis.
7.Functioning software is the primary measure of progress and final success.
8.Implement processes that make it possible to sustain consistent and reliable progress.
9.Remain dedicated to technical and design excellence.
10.Focus on simplicity, reducing the steps necessary to complete each task.
11.Include the execution team in the planning process, valuing their input regarding architecture, requirements, and design.
12.Regularly review performance and results, with an eye on improving processes and methods regularly.

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